Picking Software for Online Grocery Stores

Optimize your picking process and save time and money. No special equipment needed, just a phone.
Employee using the picker appEmployee using the picker app

Make your pickers more efficient than ever

No need for your pickers to search throughout the aisles for products. Our picking software provides an accurate location of each product, live stock monitoring, and direct contact options with your customers for smart product replacements.

  • Grouped by category products
  • Instantly identify any product
  • All order information in one place
  • Product replacement suggestions via AI
  • Integrate updates with your ERP/Invoicing system
Items from an order that need to be collected, along with useful information to facilitate efficient pickup
Our picking software is a native app for Android devices and provides all the necessary functionalities in one screen that will optimize your picking times.
Time saved

Let’s improve your picking process together

Our picking software is just one click away from you. Contact our team of experts, and we’ll get back to you within two working days.
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Save up to 0.50€ per order with our picking software

Replacement Options
Manage your out-of-stock orders with AI replacement suggestions and instant customer contact.
Multi-order picking
Simultaneous picking of products from the same shelves for multiple orders.
Stock Tracking
Up-to-date monitoring of shelf stock for quick replacements and restocking.

Make your picking process run like clockwork

Our picking software can be used without special equipment, such as expensive barcode scanners or in-store hardware installations. An Android smartphone and a Wi-fi or 4G network are what you need to reach 100% picking accuracy.

Picking accuracy
Integrable with any e-commerce platform

Maximise your order-to-delivery performance

Pair the picker app with our admin panel and delivery software, and get complete control over the whole order fulfillment process.

Learn more about our delivery app & admin panel

Optimize your operations with our suite of solutions

Delve into our diverse range of solutions complementing our picking software. Our suite is meticulously crafted to cover the full spectrum of order management, from inventory control to customer engagement, propelling your business forward.


Does Wave Grocery's Picking Software require special equipment for operation?

No, Wave Grocery's Picking Software does not require special equipment for operation. It is designed as a native app for Android devices, eliminating the need for expensive barcode scanners or additional in-store hardware installations. A smartphone and a Wi-Fi or 4G network are sufficient for using the software.

How does Wave Grocery's Picking Software ensure 100% picking accuracy without additional costs?

Wave Grocery's Picking Software ensures 100% picking accuracy without incurring additional costs. By providing accurate product locations, live stock updates, and direct customer contact options for smart replacements, the software enables pickers to fulfill orders with precision, minimizing errors and reducing the need for costly rework.

Is the picking app compatible with various mobile devices and operating systems?

Currently, the Wave Grocery picker application is available on Android devices.

Can Wave Grocery's Picking Software handle single or multiple-order picking for quicker fulfillment?

Yes, Wave Grocery's Picking Software can handle both single and multiple-order picking for quicker fulfillment. Pickers have the flexibility to select and pick multiple orders simultaneously, increasing productivity and expediting the fulfillment process. Alternatively, they can choose to focus on one order at a time based on operational preferences.

Does Wave Grocery's Picking Software offer automated invoicing capabilities?

Wave Grocery's Picking Software offers automated invoicing capabilities. By seamlessly integrating with your ERP system, the software facilitates on-the-spot invoicing, reducing manual processing time and streamlining the overall invoicing workflow.

Can multiple pickers work on the same order simultaneously using Wave Grocery's Picking Software?

Yes, multiple pickers can work on the same order simultaneously using Wave Grocery's Picking Software. This feature is particularly useful for handling large-volume orders. By assigning multiple pickers to a single order, the software enables quicker fulfillment, optimizing efficiency and ensuring timely delivery.

Does Wave Grocery's Picking Software support mapping of store aisles and product placements?

Yes, Wave Grocery's Picking Software supports mapping of store aisles and product placements. The software allows for the creation of aisle maps and defines product locations on shelves. This mapping functionality enhances picking accuracy by providing pickers with clear guidance on the physical layout of the store and the precise placement of products.

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