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A continuously evolving grocery ordering software designed for an engaging online customer experience.
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Provide a virtual personalized user experience

Our grocery ordering software replicates an in-store shopping experience while incorporating technological innovations.

Through continuous research on user needs, the solution is crafted to assist users in locating desired products, receiving relevant suggestions, choosing product preferences, and easily selecting their desired payment and delivery methods—all from the comfort of their homes.

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Distinctive brand identity

Signature Branding
Effortlessly apply your brand colors and logo
Extensive Customization
Choose from 30+ customization features to create an app that embodies your brand's unique character

Upgrading user experience with customer-centric features

Powerful Search Engine
Enable your customers to find what they want instantly with our intelligent search bar and personalised suggestions.
Product Preferences
Let your customers specify how they want their cheese cut or how ripe they prefer their bananas, just as they would in a physical store.
Smart Shopping Lists
Your customers can build, at a glance, their cart with favorite and smart lists based on shopping behavior.

A new way to grocery
ecommerce websites

Make the most of the digital era with a grocery ecommerce solution designed to scale with your needs. We continuously add new features based on the industry's needs.

You can swiftly adapt our app to your existing systems, minimizing disruptions to your workflow.

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Maximize your impact by seamlessly integrating three powerful solutions: a responsive grocery ecommerce website paired with native Android and iOS apps, all while simplifying your store management through our integrated admin panel.

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Our holistic approach covers everything from efficient inventory management to advanced customer engagement tools.

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How can Wave Grocery’s Online Ordering and Storefront module help grocery businesses set up their web application quickly?

When transferring from brick-and-mortar to an online storefront, supermarkets want a direct and rapid experience. The Wave Grocery online storefront allows supermarkets to digitize their entire product listings, rapidly creating an intuitive portal to start receiving orders. Beyond just allowing a store to begin to receive and fulfill orders, they are empowered to create product promotions and offer campaigns, simulating the in-store experience.

With intuitive UX and leading tech practices, supermarkets are able to incorporate their brand and launch into the digital world quickly and without bottlenecks.

How does the Wave Grocery Online Ordering and Storefront module help streamline grocery shopping?

Alongside allowing supermarket stores to enter the online shopping market, Wave Grocery also provides users with a phenomenal experience on web and mobile application sessions. Users can make use of our sophisticated search engine to find products or receive recommendations based on Wave Grocery’s powerful tools.

Across product preferences, the ability to add weighted products, and in-app shopping lists, the Wave Grocery online ordering and storefront module is a powerful solution for partners and their customers.

What options are available to create discount campaigns?

Discounts and promotions are essential parts of the supermarket experience, with Wave Grocery offering a comprehensive suite to create new discount campaigns, use coupons, and create advanced offers for users.

Supermarkets can use Wave Grocery to create weekly leaflets, offer product sampling,  bundle offers, free shipping campaigns, and a range of other in-store reflections. While completely digital, Wave Grocery provides an equal experience with in-store discount shoppers.

What information can customers provide when creating an account with Wave Grocery?

Customers can either create an account with the partner’s grocery store or check out as a guest. By creating an account, they gain access to all of the available loyalty programs and schemes, helping them to save on each shop.

The primary information that Wave Grocery uses when creating user accounts is names, contact emails, payment information, and delivery addresses, or fetch that info via easy social login (e.g., login with Google, Facebook, Apple ID)

Can customers browse and search for specific grocery items on the storefront?

Yes, users are empowered with sophisticated search bar, also backed by our strong personalisation engine, via A.I.. Alternatively, they can browse through different product categories to find the products they’re looking for.

Does the supermarket's online storefront offer more than just products and categories?

Absolutely. The Wave Grocery storefront system offers the ability to include a range of other dynamic content pages, multimedia, promotional spaces, banners, and more. One example of this includes a blog on a supermarket’s site, allowing companies to focus on search engine optimization (SEO) and producing useful content for their customers.

Supermarket partners can also include pages like FAQs, career opportunity portals, weekly leaflets, and all of the necessary modules for shopping.

Can customers save their favorite items or create a shopping list on the storefront for future orders?

Customers can use Wave Grocery’s storefront features to express their product preferences. This extends from selecting which products are their favorite all the way to deciding if they want their fruits more or less ripe. The full extent of user customization allows customers to get the same experience they would expect in-store from the comfort of their homes.

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