Grocery E-commerce Mobile Application

Leverage the modern on-the-go lifestyle and offer the best shopping experience at your customers’ fingertips.
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The grocery world goes mobile

With our grocery e-commerce app, your customers can carry your store in their pockets. The user-friendly interface ensures a complete shopping experience, allowing them to browse through an extensive range of products with ease.

Customers can receive notifications for exclusive offers, promotions, or real-time updates on their orders, keeping them informed and connected.

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Our grocery e-commerce mobile application is a customer favorite, ensuring your customers not only shop effortlessly, but also love every moment of it.
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Start expanding your customer reach

Acquiring our grocery e-commerce mobile app solution is quick and easy. Reach out to us, and our team of experts will guide you through the process. Expect to hear from us within the next 2 days.
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Tailoring your app's experience

Boost Brand Identity
Seamlessly incorporate your brand's colors and logo
Limitless Possibilities
Explore 30+ customization features to sculpt an app that truly reflects your unique identity

Features that your customers want

Weighted Products
Let your customers order your fresh produce or meat and enjoy them straight from the counters.
Push & Proximity Notifications
Reach & engage with your customers via targeted push or proximity notifications.
Powerful Search Engine
Enable your customers to find what they want instantly with our intelligent search bar and personalised suggestions.

Sell more with the grocery e-commerce app

Did you know that 87% of online shoppers use their mobile devices to buy groceries online? While, around 68-70% of them use mobile apps exclusively for this purpose.

Our grocery e-commerce mobile app comes with features that are specifically designed to increase sales.

Higher Conversion Rate
than mobile browser
Integrate with your existing systems

Reach your customers on any device

Maximize your customer engagement with our grocery e-commerce mobile app and online store. Enhance your outreach and streamline the shopping experience with cutting-edge technology accessible on all devices.

Monitor both platforms through our user-friendly admin panel.

Grocery e-shop + mobile app + admin panel
Explore complementary solutions for grocery e-shop and admin panel

Make the most of our suite of solutions

Take a look at the variety of solutions we provide on top of our e-commerce mobile app.

Our suite of solutions is designed to cover the whole ordering cycle, from inventory management to customer engagement, helping you to further optimize and grow your business.


How do users download and install the Wave Grocery mobile app on their devices?

Users are able to download the Wave Grocery mobile application from both IOS and Android stores. Depending on the user’s native system, they will be able to access the correct app for their device. Both the IOS and Android versions of the Wave Grocery application are native to that platform, offering state-of-the-art technologies and optimal performance.

What features are available on the Wave Grocery mobile app to improve user shopping experience?

The Wave Grocery mobile applications have been specifically crafted to offer our partners and users the best possible user experience when interacting with each platform. Our applications are specifically built for the world of supermarkets, with industry-optimized design and leading UX best practices used throughout.

Within the mobile application, users are able to access a huge range of useful features that make the shopping experience as smooth as possible. From advanced offer algorithms to machine-learning-optimized systems for cross-selling, shopping lists and more, Wave Grocery does it all.

Is the mobile application available for both Android and IOS devices?

Yes, the Wave Grocery mobile application is available on both IOS and Android platforms and offers a comprehensive experience on both. With native mobile application technology going into the app, you can expect optimal performance, no matter the device or system you use to access the applications.

Can I customize the configuration on the Wave Grocery mobile app to show dietary restrictions?

On the Wave Grocery mobile application, customers have full control over how they search. After they make an account or access the app as a guest, they will be able to navigate through the store, searching through product categories and finding the products they need.

With an advanced product grouping, tags, nutritional details tables and filtering system, Wave Grocery allows customers to search in detail, filtering out certain products and looking to match with their dietary restrictions. Users can filter the Wave Grocery by specific dietary restrictions or look at their previously favored products to find matches.

With product shopping lists and automatic smart lists, users can shop however they would like with the Wave Grocery application.

Would I need to have or hire a designer or a software developer?

No, the Wave Grocery platform employs a dynamic team of designers, engineers, and marketers who collaborate closely together to deliver the best results when building your website.

You have a lot of freedom to customize your e-commerce website with options like our configurable themes.

If you already have a software developer and want us to integrate with your systems, then it's okay. Otherwise, you would not need one if we build everything from scratch.

How can users provide feedback or report issues with the Wave Grocery mobile app to improve the customer experience?

On the Wave Grocery application, users are able to click on the support function to leave their feedback. Not only does this allow users to point out potential areas where the application is not functioning correctly, but it also acts as a suggestion box for users to share what features or other improvements they would like to see in the future, both in the app as well as by the Grocery partner’s service.

However, Wave Grocery commits to creating comprehensive and digitally advanced applications, going through several phases of testing and development to ensure applications are as bug-free as possible.

How does the Wave Grocery app manage weighted grocery products?

Weighted products like fruits, vegetables or cheese are some of the leading products of local grocery stores. At WAVE Grocery, we seek to empower supermarkets to deliver a world-class service, no matter where your customers are. With that in mind, we built a weighted products system that allows customers to order fresh produce, meats, or other weighted products straight from the app, specifying the amount they want, as well as their preference e.g. ripe fruit, cheese sliced or grated etc.

By working in-store with the pickers, the WAVE Grocery mobile application allows users to directly select how much of a product they would like. The in-store agent will ensure that the exact amount they choose will be added to their basket. This system reflects the in-person experience, letting customers get more from their mobile shopping experience.

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