Loyalty Software for Grocery Stores

Integrate your existing loyalty scheme or build one from scratch. Keep your customers returning to your online grocery store.
A customer selecting a discount in the appA customer selecting a discount in the app

Keep your customers coming back for more

Generate happy and engaged customers. Enable them to share their feedback.

Offer them an unique experience through:

  • Points collection & rewards
  • Offers & coupons
  • Engaging gamification
  • Quizzes & polls
  • Contests
Using the loyalty admin panel to create a set of new coupons
Our loyalty scheme is bullet-proof and trusted by large enterprises from all kinds of industries. No wonder why.

Create your loyal clientele now

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Increase customer engagement & retention

Reward Schemes
Engage your customers with Point Based, Cashback, or Stamp based schemes and reward their loyalty.
Structured Reviews
Facilitate customer feedback, by creating a custom-made form, and extract valuable insights.
Integrate fun games like wheel of fortune, memory games. Offer coupons, offers, or any prize of your choice.

Strengthen your partnerships

Enhance your partnerships by seamlessly integrating them into your online presence. Effectively manage and monitor your collaborations by offering customised subscription plans, posting their coupons and promotions, and tracking customer engagement with them.

Integrate with your systems with ease

Increase customer engagement across all platforms

Offer your customers a complete experience by connecting the loyalty software with our web and app platforms.

Expand your reach and optimize the shopping process with state-of-the-art technology available on every device.

Grocery e-shop + mobile app + admin panel
Learn more about our mobile app & grocery e-shop

More solutions to meet the needs of your supermarket

Explore the versatility of solutions. Our suite is thoughtfully curated to embrace the entire order journey, from inventory administration to customer interaction, fostering your business evolution.


Can I integrate my existing loyalty program with Wave Grocery's Loyalty Software?

Yes, Wave Grocery's Loyalty Software allows you to seamlessly integrate your existing loyalty program with our platform. You can bring your established loyalty system to your online store and leverage its benefits to enhance customer loyalty and retention.

Does Wave Grocery's Loyalty Software support both online and offline redemption of loyalty rewards?

Absolutely. Wave Grocery's Loyalty Software supports both online and offline redemption of loyalty rewards. Customers can conveniently redeem their earned rewards whether they shop on your online grocery store or visit your physical store.

Can digital loyalty cards be issued with Wave Grocery's Loyalty Software?

With Wave Grocery's Loyalty Software, you can easily issue digital loyalty cards to your customers. These digital cards are compatible with digital wallets, eliminating the need for physical cards and reducing issuing costs & usage of plastic, being eco-friendly. Customers can conveniently access and utilize their loyalty cards from their mobile devices.

Can I implement referral programs to acquire new customers using Wave Grocery's Loyalty Software?

Yes, you can implement referral programs using Wave Grocery's Loyalty Software to acquire new customers. Encourage your existing customers to refer your grocery store to their friends and family, allowing them to share the benefits of your loyalty program and incentivizing them for successful referrals.

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