Loyalty Software for Grocery Stores

Integrate your existing loyalty program or build it from scratch and keep your customers returning to your online grocery store.
A customer selecting a discount in the appA customer selecting a discount in the app

Build your customers’ loyalty online

With Wave Grocery Loyalty Software, you can bring your existing loyalty system to your online store. Allow your customers to shop online or in the physical store with their new digital card and redeem their loyalty rewards online and offline.
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No loyalty scheme? No problem!

Wave CXM is our Customer Experience Management platform, offering loyalty schemes of all shapes and sizes to fit your grocery store needs. As you can imagine, it integrates perfectly and seamlessly with Wave Grocery. Happy customers are loyal customers!
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Loyalty Software Functionalities

WAVE Grocery’s Loyalty Software allows you to integrate your existing loyalty scheme into your online store easily. You can also start building your loyalty scheme now with the Wave CXM platform.

Digital Loyalty Card

Easy, online digital loyalty card issuing, compatible with digital wallets. Location-based push notifications prompt your customers to visit your physical store. No more plastic, go green & eliminate physical card issuing costs.

Discount Coupons

Universal loyalty coupon creation that can be redeemed online or offline. Use custom couponing campaigns to reward customer loyalty or re-engage churning customer groups.

Reward Schemes

Engage your customers with Point Based, Cashback, or Stamp based schemes and reward their loyalty.

Contests & Giveaways

It has never been easier to run contests for your customers through custom-made contests, giveaway draws, speed contests, and multi-interaction contests.

Referral Programs

Let your customers help you acquire new ones and share their benefits with friends.


Offer joy and a sense of achievement. Make your customers feel like winners whenever they interact with your brand with mini-games, polls, levels, badges, and more.


Expand your reach through partnerships and export coupons by allowing your partners to integrate your brand into their offerings. Incorporate your partners by importing their coupons, and give rewards by letting your customers earn and redeem points for activities across your partner network.


Can I integrate my existing loyalty program with Wave Grocery's Loyalty Software?

Yes, Wave Grocery's Loyalty Software allows you to seamlessly integrate your existing loyalty program with our platform. You can bring your established loyalty system to your online store and leverage its benefits to enhance customer loyalty and retention.

Does Wave Grocery's Loyalty Software support both online and offline redemption of loyalty rewards?

Absolutely! Wave Grocery's Loyalty Software supports both online and offline redemption of loyalty rewards. Customers can conveniently redeem their earned rewards whether they shop on your online grocery store or visit your physical store.

Can digital loyalty cards be issued with Wave Grocery's Loyalty Software?

With Wave Grocery's Loyalty Software, you can easily issue digital loyalty cards to your customers. These digital cards are compatible with digital wallets, eliminating the need for physical cards and reducing issuing costs & usage of plastic, being eco-friendly. Customers can conveniently access and utilize their loyalty cards from their mobile devices.

Can I implement referral programs to acquire new customers using Wave Grocery's Loyalty Software?

Yes, you can implement referral programs using Wave Grocery's Loyalty Software to acquire new customers. Encourage your existing customers to refer your grocery store to their friends and family, allowing them to share the benefits of your loyalty program and incentivizing them for successful referrals.

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