Delivery Software for Online Grocery Business

Monitor, manage and optimize the delivery of your online orders and inform your customers of the delivery status.
An employee delivering groceriesAn employee delivering groceries

On-time delivery, happier customers

Your customers want their groceries to arrive fresh and on time. With our seamlessly integrated grocery delivery software, your customers will know at any time their grocery delivery status.

  • Delivery process orchestration
  • Live order tracking on map
  • Instant contact with customers
  • Route optimization
  • Proof of delivery
An order ready to be selected by a driver for delivery

Optimize your delivery fleet’s performance

Our grocery delivery software is the right tool to optimize your delivery process. Contact our sales team and learn what exactly we can do for you. Just click on the button below, and we’ll get respond within 2 working days.
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Increase your fleet's delivery efficiency with live-tracking tools

Real Time Delivery Status Tracking
Track your orders’ delivery status in real time. View per-order delivery progress on an easy-to-monitor and comprehensive list.
Delivery Process Orchestration
Log your drivers and choose the ones that will operate per region. Assign and associate drivers to each store and address higher demand quickly.
Drivers Performance Evaluation
Get an insight into your drivers’ performance by monitoring their statistics and reports and evaluating their performance.

Improve your delivery process, while saving money

Our integrated grocery delivery management software reduces your delivery processing time and costs with its great features designed for grocery businesses.

Monitor your fleet, track delivery routes, and help your drivers with the order allocation system and automatic route planner to achieve maximum efficiency.

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Reduced delivery costs
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Get full control of the whole ordering process

Reap the benefits of a complete package by combining our delivery and picking softwares, with our admin panel. Control the ordering process from its birth.

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Take a look at our full range of solutions

Explore the extensive lineup of solutions enhancing our grocery delivery software. Our suite is thoughtfully curated to support the entirety of the ordering cycle, encompassing inventory oversight and customer interaction, catalyzing your business development.


How does Wave Grocery's Delivery Software enable effective and scalable fleet management for grocery businesses?

Wave Grocery's Delivery Software intelligently assigns orders to drivers based on their current locations for optimal delivery times. By considering factors like proximity to the delivery location, live traffic data, and order volume, the software ensures efficient routing and reduces delivery time. This helps maximize productivity and minimize unnecessary travel for drivers, resulting in improved delivery performance.

How does Wave Grocery's Delivery Software provide order status notifications to customers, including possible delays and emergencies?

Wave Grocery's Delivery Software provides order status notifications to customers, including updates on delivery progress, possible delays, and emergencies. Through push notifications and real-time tracking, customers can stay informed about the status of their orders. This proactive communication fosters transparency, manages customer expectations, and enhances their overall satisfaction with the delivery process.

Can Wave Grocery's Delivery Software ensure on-time delivery and customer satisfaction for online grocery orders?

Yes, Wave Grocery's Delivery Software is designed to ensure on-time delivery and customer satisfaction for online grocery orders. With features like real-time delivery tracking, push notifications, and status updates, customers can stay informed about the progress of their orders, minimizing communication with the store staff and enhancing their overall experience.

Can customers rate drivers and provide feedback on their delivery experience with Wave Grocery's Delivery Software?

Yes, customers can rate drivers and provide feedback on their delivery experience through Wave Grocery's Delivery Software. This allows customers to share their feedback and satisfaction levels, enabling businesses to continuously improve their delivery services. By incorporating customer ratings and feedback, businesses can identify areas for improvement, recognize exceptional drivers, and ensure a high level of service quality.

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