From order to delivery, our grocery solutions cover all your needs

Pick as many solutions as you want, add more later.
Our solutions are flexible and easy to integrate, covering all the needs of your online supermarket store.

Bundling what you need at the same price

Our Mobile app, Grocery e-shop, and Admin panel come together at a single price, reflecting our commitment to aligning fees with the actual results you achieve, as your online supermarket store grows and succeeds.

Integrate your entire grocery store ecommerce presence with our bundled solutions for a complete online supermarket experience.

Grocery e-shop + mobile app + admin panel

Our features guarantee optimal customer experience

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Powerful search engine

Enable your customers to quickly find what they are looking for. Our advanced Machine Learning software tailors product recommendations to your customers based on their preferences and past purchases. It intelligently presents tempting offers that match your customer's search. This ensures a personalized and seamless shopping experience.
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Weighted products preferences

Give your customers the option to purchase weighted and fresh products, exactly how they would order straight from the counters. They can specify how they want their cheese cut or how ripe they’d like their bananas, just like they would in a physical grocery store.
Edit store details in admin panelCustomer finding near store

Store configurations

You have the flexibility to oversee all your grocery stores collectively or manage each store individually, tailoring the management approach to your specific needs. You can manage local product collections, set specific delivery zones, choose payment options, and schedule delivery timeslots for each of your stores.

Our Unique Pricing Model

Pay as you grow

It's not your typical fixed or per-order fee model. We align our fees with the actual results you achieve by using our tools — a true partnership model.

No upfront costs

Emphasizing our commitment to partnership, no initial payment is required. You will only begin paying when your solution goes live.

No hidden costs

We provide dedicated daily support, offer consultations, and continuously listen to your needs to create and integrate new features. All the above, at no extra cost.
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We are 100% invested in making grocery ecommerce solutions

We’re a dynamic blend of designers, engineers, and marketing experts, with specialization in the digital grocery industry. Our work is driven by innovation and creativity, all powered by the advanced technologies developed by Desquared.
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We have built a solid plan for a seamless start

We ensure easy integration with dedicated support at every step. Get in touch with us to discuss your business needs and learn more about our grocery ecommerce platform, designed for your business's growth.
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Proudly collaborating with

We’re proud to join forces with some of Greece’s largest supermarket chains, premium grocery brands and the fastest growing food & grocery delivery marketplace.

Through Wave Grocery’s solutions, our partners are revolutionising their customers’ shopping experience, combining convenience and quality like never before!

Kostas Zafeiropoulos
Ecommerce Manager, ANEDIK Kritikos Supermarkets
Wave Grocery has been a vital part of creating a fantastic web and mobile shopping experience for our customers, supporting various local product collections, different store setups and our participation in marketplaces. We are extremely pleased with the fast and professional support provided and we definitely recommend their services.
We helped Kritikos Supermarket's expansion by 350% and to handle 7x more online orders
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George Souvatzoglou
CEO, 4 Seasons Bio
We have chosen Wave Grocery as it is an easy-to-use e-commerce platform providing online shop, native mobile app and picker app capabilities among others, in a financial model that does not require an upfront investment. We pay as we grow.
Christoforos Loutzakis
Head of Product, BOX
Sharing the same technology, Wave Grocery allowed us to seamlessly integrate hundreds of supermarket & grocery stores to our food ordering platform, skyrocketing the satisfaction of our users.
George Somarakis
General Manager, CRM Ariadni Supermarkets
Despite the numerous stores we have, with various systems, set ups, logistics complexity and different needs per store, Wave Grocery provides great online and mobile shopping capabilities. It supports multiple stores with dedicated geo coverage, local product collections and different inventory levels. In addition, the quality of the support and communication received by the Wave Grocery team is great at all times.
George Agorastos
E-shop Operations Coordinator, ANEDIK Kritikos Supermarkets
Wave Grocery’s flexibility allowed us to easily expand our geographical reach across Greece and quickly support our customers in critical times like the Covid-19 quarantine periods. We turned our physical stores into micro-fulfilment centers, featuring their local product collections, specific timeslots, ERP integrations, invoicing systems and last mile delivery services. The platform is also super easy to use, requiring almost zero training for our stores’ staff that manages online orders.


Who are the typical users of the Wave Grocery platform?

Wave Grocery has the following customers:

Medium, large and enterprise level of FMCG-Super market-Grocery companies for B2C and B2B customers.

Could I select only one of your solutions?

Yes, our solutions can be chosen individually or all at once. Our digital solutions are as follows:

  • Ordering & Web Storefront: Upgrade how customers interact with your grocery ecommerce website.
  • Mobile App: We developed our grocery app with stores like yours in mind.
  • Picker App: Our picking app is an essential, user-friendly tool that requires no special equipment.
  • Phone Ordering: Our phone ordering touchpoint is built on precision and efficiency, saving you money and increasing customer satisfaction.
  • Delivery App: Our excellent grocery delivery software provides your drivers with the most efficient routes while helping inform your customers.
  • Loyalty: Integrate your current scheme into our supermarket loyalty program, or let us help you build one!

Keep in mind that our Mobile App, Admin Panel, and Ordering Storefront are all available as a package for the price of one. We offer these integrated solutions because they have been shown to drive sales, and by doing so, we can help you achieve your overall sales goal.

Could I start with one solution and, in the future, take more solutions?

Yes, you can add as many solutions as you want. Our solutions are quick and simple to implement, so regardless of how many you'd like to start with initially, you can always come back and choose more.

Is Wave Grocery an ecommerce platform or a marketplace?

We are an ecommerce platform exclusively for supermarkets and grocery stores, supporting a single vendor with one or more stores.

Would I need to have or hire a designer or a software developer?

No, the Wave Grocery platform employs a dynamic team of designers, engineers, and marketers who collaborate closely together to deliver the best results when building your website.

You have a lot of freedom to customize your ecommerce website with options like our configurable themes.

If you already have a software developer and want us to integrate with your systems, then it's okay. Otherwise, you would not need one if we build everything from scratch.

What is your support policy?

8x5xNBD (09.00 AM-17.00 PM in Athens, Greece timezone)

We provide 24/7 daily support for any serious problems that may prevent the service from functioning properly.

Can the Wave Grocery platform be integrated with other systems?

Yes, Wave Grocery can be integrated with nearly any ERP or ecommerce platform, including WordPress, Presta, Magento, WooCommerce, and NopCommerce. It also integrates seamlessly with payment gateways, loyalty systems, CRMs, and last-mile delivery services.
Our integration system is simple and supported by readily available APIs and detailed documentation that has many examples, so you can get onboarded right away.

We provide a clear timeline and walk you through every step of the process until your systems go live.

Additionally, we offer daily support, resolve issues, offer consultations, and continuously add new features to the roadmap.

Can we transfer our data to Wave Grocery?

Yes, we have already implemented similar solutions to our partners. Your data, like customer info, products, customer loyalty points, and orders, can be securely migrated to the Wave Grocery platform.

Can Wave Grocery support a supermarket with multiple stores?

Yes, Wave Grocery is designed for scale. We provide robust support for all scenarios, whether you operate a single store handling fulfillment and delivery or manage multiple stores with various delivery services, fees, and timeslot rules.

Can I showcase business content through Wave Grocery?

Wave Grocery boosts sales while accommodating corporate content needs. It provides pages for company news, stores, legal terms, company actions, recipes, FAQs, contact forms, product promotions, and more. Therefore, you won't need another website for your business; Wave Grocery has you covered.

Does Wave Grocery provide a user guide or assistance?

We do provide full documentations for Wave Grocery Admin Panel and Content Management System as well as training sessions. Furthermore, we can guide and help you with the initial setup based on your business needs. Last but not least, you will have a Customer Success Manager assigned to your business.

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