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From ordering to delivery, WAVE Grocery has everything you need
to launch and scale your digital grocery business!
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Online and Storefront

Turn your physical store into an online business even in less than 30 days! Build your e-shop to accommodate your business needs.

The Web Storefront application offers weighing options for fresh products, custom product lists per store, built-in campaigning, offers, and many more functionalities to skyrocket your sales.
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A laptop shows the web view of the same e-shop interface.
Product Preferences
Advanced Offers
Machine Learning
Two mobile devices displaying the homepage and categories page of a grocery website created using Wavegrocery.

Mobile Application

Did you know that over 50% of grocery orders come from mobile?

Are you taking advantage of it?

Offer your customers the best ordering experience with native Android & iOS apps, increase sales from new audiences, and boost your brand's prestige with WAVE Grocery.
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Crafted for Grocery
Push & Proximity Notifications
iOS & Android Mobile App

Phone Ordering

How many orders are you missing because someone lost a piece of paper or a post-it?

Save up to 40% per order with faster and more efficient phone orders!

No more post-its, lost orders, and back-and-forth communications with the client for product replacements. Just perfect execution!
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Central Order Logging
Live Pricing
Accurate Order Monitoring
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Picking Application

Save up to €0.50 per order! Is your picking team struggling? Stop losing time and money.

With the Picker Application, you will optimize your processes with smart multiple-order picking, increase order fulfillment accuracy, track stock shortages, and easily contact your customers for on-the-spot replacements.
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Replacement Options
Instantly Identify Any Product
Single or Multiple-Order Picking

Delivery Application

Save up to 45% of the expending costs! Offer same-day delivery options to your customers or even scheduled deliveries. Don’t waste time and gas!

With the Delivery application, your drivers get the optimal delivery schedule based on location, traffic and order volume. Also, you can monitor delivery efficiency and manage your fleet to coordinate your daily needs.
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Order Auto-Assignement
Route Optimization
Live Order Tracking
An image featuring a web view showing the administration panel.

Store Management

Do you need help keeping track of everything that is going on in your online store? Store management becomes easy with WAVE Grocery’s Admin Dashboard.

Review and manage your orders, create and re-arrange your product collections per store, create and manage time-sensitive campaigns and promos.

At the same time, our reporting will give you all the information to evaluate performance and sales and increase your efficiency.
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Easy Product Management
Powerful Analytics & Reports
Category Based Promotions

Loyalty Software

How much money are you spending on plastic cards? How often do your customers forget to bring their card along or simply lose it?

Save money by digitizing your loyalty scheme and allow your customers to use their digital cards either online or in your physical store.

If you don’t have a loyalty program, we can create one together!
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An image with gifts in the background and people standing on a loyalty card in the foreground, holding gifts.
Digital Loyalty Card
Discount Coupons
Contests & Giveaways

Trusted by industry innovators

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Cheers from happy customers

“WAVE Grocery has been a vital part of creating a fantastic web and mobile shopping experience for our customers, supporting various local product collections, different store setups and our participation in marketplaces. We are extremely pleased with the fast and professional support provided and we definitely recommend their services.”
Kostas Zafeiropoulos,
e-Commerce Manager
ANEDIK Kritikos Supermarkets
“We have chosen WAVE Grocery as it is an easy-to-use e-commerce platform providing online shop, native mobile app and picker app capabilities among others, in a financial model that does not require an upfront investment. We pay as we grow.”
George Souvatzoglou,
- 4 Seasons Bio
“Sharing the same technology, WAVE Grocery allowed us to seamlessly integrate hundreds of supermarket & grocery stores to our food ordering platform, skyrocketing the satisfaction of our users.”
Christoforos Loutzakis,
Head of Product - BOX
“Despite the numerous stores we have, with various systems, set ups, logistics complexity and different needs per store, WAVE Grocery provides great online and mobile shopping capabilities. It supports multiple stores with dedicated geo coverage, local product collections and different inventory levels. In addition, the quality of the support and communication received by the WAVE Grocery team is great at all times.”
George Somarakis,
General Manager
CRM Ariadni Supermarkets
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