Phone Orders Management for Grocery Stores

Integrate phone orders into your digital management system, instantly streamlining the ordering process.
An employee taking a phone orderAn employee taking a phone order

Inform your customers real-time about stock availability

Not all your customers are tech savvy to use your web or mobile application. Seize all the benefits of a digitalized system, with live information about pricing, inventory availability, and delivery options.

Use our phone ordering solution for:

  • Central order logging
  • Accurate order monitoring
  • Live pricing
Utilizing the phone ordering system to place a new supermarket order

Start receiving phone orders now

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Log phone orders and track them as any online order

Central Order Logging
Log phone orders into the system and manage them as any online order.
Live Pricing
Check prices live and inform customers about price calculations and changes.
Order Monitoring
Provide instant updates to customers regarding their order status.

Reduce cost operations

Log the orders in the Wave Grocery Management system as you receive them, instantly inform customers about out-of-stock products and replacement options and speed up order fulfillment.

Our phone ordering solution is easily integrated, and like all our solutions, we’re fully dedicated supporting you.

Reduction in operational costs

Engage with your clients across all platforms

Increase customer engagement with our grocery ecommerce mobile app and online store. Expand your reach and simplify the shopping journey with cutting-edge technology accessible across all devices.

Supervise orders placed via web, mobile and phone using our online grocery management system.

Grocery e-shop + mobile app + admin panel
Learn more about our mobile app, grocery e-shop & admin panel

Leverage the benefits of our suite of solutions

Discover the breadth of solutions enhancing our core offering. Our suite is tailored to encompass the entire order lifecycle, from inventory management to customer interaction, empowering your business growth.


How does Wave Grocery simplify phone order management for supermarkets and grocery stores?

Wave Grocery simplifies phone order management for supermarkets and grocery stores by providing a digital solution that allows easy and effective management of phone orders. With centralized order logging and instant notifications about out-of-stock products and replacement options, it speeds up order fulfillment and enhances overall operational efficiency.

What are the benefits of using Wave Grocery's Phone Ordering module for streamlining phone order processes?

Using Wave Grocery's Phone Ordering module offers several benefits for streamlining phone order processes. It improves customer satisfaction by catering to non-tech-savvy customers and provides live pricing information. Additionally, it seamlessly integrates with delivery and curbside pickup options, offers accurate order monitoring, and provides centralized order logging for better store management.

How can Wave Grocery's Phone Orders functionality help reduce operational costs in managing phone orders?

Wave Grocery's Phone Orders functionality helps reduce operational costs in managing phone orders by optimizing processes and increasing efficiency. It eliminates traditional manual order logging with pen & paper and provides instant notifications about out-of-stock products & cart calculation, reducing the time and effort required for order fulfilment. This streamlined approach helps supermarkets and grocery stores save time, minimize errors, and ultimately reduce operational costs.

How does Wave Grocery's Phone Orders feature ensure accurate order tracking and monitoring?

Wave Grocery's Phone Orders feature ensures accurate order tracking and monitoring by digitizing the entire phone order process. Each phone order is logged instantly in the system, allowing for real-time tracking. This enables supermarkets and grocery stores to monitor the status of each order, track its progress, and ensure timely fulfillment. Accurate order tracking leads to enhanced customer satisfaction and efficient store management.

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