Management Software for Online Grocery Business

Receive, manage and schedule your online orders in synch with your stock and customers’ expectations.
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Effective and easy grocery e-shop management

Wave Grocery Order Management software is an easy-to-use back-office platform. Manage online or phone incoming orders, implement offers and discounts, track order fulfillment, and review day-to-day performance with daily reports, all in one place. All you need is a web browser!
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Better managed online store, happier customers

Inform your customers quickly about new promotions and offers, keep them updated with delivery slots availability and avoid any order fulfillment pitfalls with Wave Grocery Order Management. Your customers’ experience at its best!

Wave Grocery Management Software Functionalities


Categorize your products as you need. Create unlimited categories, and up to 3 levels-deep subcategories, with custom images and icons.

Category Based Promotions

Increase your cart value by assigning promotional banners per product category and subcategory. Benefit from your suppliers’ promotional campaign funding.

Powerful Analytics & Reports

Monitor your orders, sales, customers, products, categories, and store performance in one place and be ahead of the game.

In-App Rating

Track all the received ratings, measure customers’ shopping experiences, and make adjustments based on their feedback to achieve top customer satisfaction.

Phone & Online Order Management

No more searching through post-its for phone orders or online order updates. View, manage and monitor order fulfillment in one place.

Stores Management

Whether you have one or many stores, Wave Grocery allows you to manage your entire network flexibly. Assign local product collections, delivery areas, payment options, and delivery timeslots per store. Scale your orders and delivery capacity with ease and beat the competition.

Easy Product Management

Automatically upload your product catalogs via spreadsheet or integrations and assign them to specific stores. Manage product details & preferences, weighting options, purchasing rules, tags, availability, and nutritional information.

Special Offers Management

Create an offer, edit descriptions, images, and validity period in a click. 3 built-in promo types to cover your needs: Combo offers, custom combinations, and web-only promos.

Users Management

Create as many users as you need and assign relevant role permissions to streamline your operations.

Customer Segmentation

Create user groups based on shopping behavior, geo-location, or type, and laser-target your offers & campaigns.

Customers Management

Keep your customer lists in one place, integrate them with your CRM system, and sync everything.

Built-in CMS

Wave Grocery Online Store Management has a CMS to create and manage corporate and promotional pages and content for your website, mobile app, or any place your content reaches.

Banners and carousels

Custom landing pages

Weekly leaflets

Promo Videos

Corporate content

Blog and content

Media Presence

Stores map

Contact & Support

Social Media & Feed

Career Pages


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What types of ordering does Wave Grocery admin panel cover?

From orders management section inside the admin panel, you are able to directly trace information from mobile, web, and phone orders. These three types of orders are converged into one platform, ensuring you have complete visibility over all active orders and can trace their picking, packing, fulfillment, and accounting details.

Does the Admin Panel offer real-time analytics and reporting for better decision-making?

Yes! Wave Grocery offers a powerful selection of analytics and reporting tools, letting store managers gain comprehensive oversight of their entire operations.

The Admin Panel module includes intuitive analytics, dashboards, and reports regarding a vast range of data and insights. e.g. Orders performance (number or sales/revenue), average cart value, orders per status, heatmaps of geographical orders distribution, order projections, timeslots monitoring, abandoned carts, top selling products/categories, top customers, user behavioral analytics, funnels performance, new/churn/loyal customers, and new reports are added constantly.

The Admin Panel acts as an entire CRM system, syncing across all stores, customers, products, and profiles in real-time.

How can I manage my products through the Admin Panel

Within the Wave Grocery admin panel, users are able to automatically upload all of the products they offer in-store. Once uploaded, managers can categorize your products as you would like, creating unlimited categories for all of your products. What’s really important is that via the admin panel and its integration with your ERP system, prices and availabilities are being automatically updated!

Plus, PXM capabilities are also supported, like handling product registration and updates, including images and descriptions. Think of it as your automated data entry assistant.

Even within each product category, managers can specify up to three sub-category levels. Not only this streamlines the product system for managers, but it also helps customers find what they’re looking for with ease. A multi-level category system makes it easy to tag and find new products.

Can I customize my storefront’s appearance and layout using Wave Grocery?

Absolutely! With Wave Grocery, you have full control over customizing your storefront to reflect your unique brand identity. Here's how:

  • Apply your brand identity: You can easily incorporate your brand colors, logos, color palette, fonts, icons, and images. This ensures that your storefront maintains a consistent and recognizable look that resonates with your customers.
  • Customizable pages layout: You can create corporate pages with dynamic components, giving you the flexibility to showcase your products and promotions exactly as you envision. Additionally, you can rearrange and configure homepage components to highlight specific offers or categories, ensuring an engaging and relevant shopping experience for your customers.
  • Customizable content: Wave Grocery supports the inclusion of banners, GIFs, videos, images, and other multimedia elements. You can create visually appealing and informative content that captures your audience's attention and keeps them coming back for more.
How can I manage multiple stores at once with Wave Grocery’s Admin Panel?

The Wave Grocery Admin Panel allows you to adapt to the number of stores under your management. Whether you only manage one store or have an entire system of stores to keep track of, the software will help you compartmentalize specific stores while seeing the overall picture.

Depending on the local store itself, you can configure the products offered on each page, adding local collections, specifying delivery areas, and assigning delivery timeslots and fees to each store or to each delivery service. Wave Grocery provides a comprehensive management system that allows you to scale your supermarket and have complete control over operations.

Is there a feature for managing promotions and special offers?

Yes. Within the Admin Panel of Wave Grocery, you are able to rapidly create new offers and manage all ongoing sales, discounts, bundles and offers that customers have available. From the admin panel, you can trace the active promotions and see usage statistics to give you an insight into how they are performing.

Managers are also able to create combo or custom offers, creating and changing the user experience as they see fit. You can also launch web-only promos for certain time periods, controlling the products included and the total duration of the sales event.

Who can access the admin panel? Can we set up different access rights per user?

Wave Grocery admin panel offers 5 type of users. Wave admin, which is the super admin and can execute any action, admin which have restricted permissions to all the admin panel, store manager who can see and perform only some actions regarding the store is assigned to, Picker App users which concern all the users we create regarding the orders fulfillment via the picker app and Phone ordering users who are responsible to add phone orders to the system.

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